Woodland designs and builds low carbon, high-performance homes that use less energy and create less waste.  We are passionate about doing our part to fight climate change and reduce our environmental impact and this is demonstrated throughout our business practices and building techniques.

Woodland’s homes align to the Passive House standard, meaning they go far beyond building code requirements for insulation.  For example, Ontario building code for exterior walls requires an R-Value of 22 for a typical house.  Woodland more than doubles this, achieving R-values in the 50’s. Our well insulated building envelopes create a more comfortable space for your family that requires less mechanical heating and cooling, meaning lowered energy bills and longer lasting HVAC equipment.

Another way that we greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the homes we build is by focusing on electrification. In California, use of fossil fuel furnaces and hot water appliances will be banned by 2030 and we expect other jurisdictions will follow.  In Ontario, electricity is generated mainly from low-carbon and renewable sources, making electricity the greener choice when compared to natural gas.  Therefore, Woodland does not install any equipment or appliances (i.e. furnaces, cooktops, or hot water appliances) that burn natural gas or other fossil fuels. Instead we install proven, leading-edge technologies such as electric air-source heat pumps and hybrid heat pump hot water.

Our focus on electrification and a superior building envelope allows us to create homes that are net-zero ready, meaning that they have been designed and built to a level of performance that, with the addition of solar panels or other renewable energy technologies, can achieve net-zero energy performance.

Except for large heavy-duty diesel equipment, Woodland is committed to replacing all gas-powered equipment and company-owned work and personal vehicles with electric or battery powered models by 2023.  Even the gas generator used on the jobsite will be replaced by a solar-powered one! 

As per Ontario Building Code, it is mandatory to rough-in electrical for EV charging stations.  To further enable our clients to reduce their own carbon footprints, Woodland will take this a step further and will install a ready-to-use EV charger with every home. 

By eliminating fossil fuel burning vehicles, equipment and appliances we are also reducing harmful air pollution, which leads to a healthier environment and cleaner air quality inside the home.

Over 90% of the products we purchase are sourced from Canadian companies. We take this even further by prioritizing suppliers within a 100km-radius. Buying local whenever possible is another way that we reduce the carbon footprint of our homes, while also supporting Canada’s economy, which has never been more important! Here are some examples of the many products which are locally-sourced:

  • We use local GTA made, triple glazed, advanced engineered, performance windows that achieve a very high 40+ Energy Rating. 
  • Other products which are sourced within a 100km radius include batt and rigid foam insulation, engineered countertops, drywall and cabinetry.
  • The entire roofing system is made in Canada and finished with high-quality BP shingles manufactured in Quebec.  They have one of the best limited lifetime warranties and a high 220km/h wind warranty.
  • Other products such as appliances and technology are selected based on energy performance.

Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill is also a key component of Woodland’s business practices. When demolishing an existing home to rebuild, we divert between 10-40 metric tonnes from landfill by repurposing building materials onsite and donating other items such as windows and appliances to various charities.  All concrete masonry is delivered to a local recycler and is processed back into aggregate for use in road construction and asphalt paving.

Building materials are produced using measurements of 8’, 10’, 12’. We use intelligent dimensional and mathematical calculations during the design stage to harness an average 98% of the materials we use, reducing wasteful offcuts.

Woodland is a leader in sustainability and responsible business practices.  We are proudly the greenest high-performance home builder in Halton and will strive to be in all of Canada.  Join us at to see videos, photos and posts on how we build better and make a difference in our community.